A day packed with full immersion artistic activities for children and parents. Participants were transported into a wonderland fantasy world populated by the characters from the book "Black Cat, White Cat" by Italian writer and illustrator Silvia Borando. During the event participants got involved in different artistic disciplines: they have been not just spectators but an integral part of the show. From mural painting to group dancing, from theatrical play to architectural workshop, from storytelling to yoga exercising, from singing to music playing. The event also explored linguistic and cultural diversities in both funny and scientific way and parents had an opportunity to receive professional advise on how to rear their offspring in a bilingual context. 

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BabyBe festival 2017 Edition was inspired by he book Black Cat, White Cat written and illustrated by the Italian author Silvia Borando. The event was revolved around it, however it was involving other artistic disciplines, e.g. music, dance, visual art and theatre, and it was developed into a multi sensory experience. Black Cat, White Cat is a straightforward and playful book revisiting the archetypal encounter of opposites that, through the use of clever, minimalist graphics, gives birth to a simple and endearing tale of friendship. This book is a sensitive reminder that wonderful things can happen by being curious, open-minded, and willing to leave our comfort zone.

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BabyBe festival 2017 aimed at promoting shared reading at home, with an active involvement of the whole community, in order to give all children a better chance to develop and to parents opportunities of quality relationship with their children. The event was to raise awareness among families about the benefit that result from such activities. We promoted culture, education and play by devising, selecting and implementing editorial products in line with our spirit and philosophy.

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Dublin Food Co-op, 12 Newmarket, Dublin 8.

  • accessible to disabled visitors. 

  • free parking at the square and the surrounding streets;

  • a parking space for prams, 

  • batrooms with disabled accessible facilities

  • baby changing station;

  • Thursday cafè serving organic food (also for vegan and vegetarians);

  • a nice and cozy back garden adjacent to the cafe.

  • organic food shop with cashback facility. 

  • Buses that go to Cork st. (closest stop to Newmarket)
    From Grand Canal Dock or Pearse st. - 50, 56a, 77, 77a. From Fleet st. -150 From Tara st. - 151

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