Our events are designed to celebrate a cosmopolitan culture in the Liberties and all the South Central Area.  

We promote integration and cultural understanding between all cultures in our communities. 


The key element lies in the perception of diversity as richness and not as fear of the unknown; the difference considered not as a limit to communication, but as a resource, an experience that bring to compare ourselves with others cultures. It is therefore necessary to work so that the meeting with the others is always an opportunity to enrich ourselves and never a discrimination.

BabyBe Festivals are  small steps to achieve the above while working with children. 

Children are our future. 

We believe that giving them opportunities to understand the importance of sharing diversities, keeping their identity, reminding always where they are coming from and respecting the diversity&identity of the place where they live, strengthen their character and personality and nourish their life experience.



We want our children be the foundation of a positive and creative society that believes in the power of arts and embraces culture and social integration.