Our project involves organising a main annual festival day in Weaver Park and Oscar Square where families and friends come together to enjoy free music, theatre, puppet theatre, storytelling and dance performances, along with demonstrations of all the migrants cultures that influences the living in the Liberties and South Central area of Dublin. Also there will be a series of smaller events throughout the year that will take place in various locations in the neighbourhood.  


With our program BabyBe festival aims to facilitate social inclusion and fostering mutual cultural respect and appreciation in the local Community starting from the society foundation: our children, our future. 


BabyBe Festival will identify values that are common to all human beings and through this process it will endeavour to integrate the neighbourhood. 


BabyBe Festival is both interactive and active, kids don’t just sit and watch, they play. The focus is on a more innocent approach to games and play, designed to foster interaction, movement and imagination - no fancy technology or a screen to be found! The festival is created to give parents and their kids a real genuine feel good time to play in an atmosphere that is 100% interactive. This is an ‘involvement’ festival, not just an entertainment festival. Everything will be interactive.